Ready Steady Go Kids uniforms: the benefits of our policy


All participants in our program are required to wear the Ready Steady Go Kids t-shirt during class as part of our mandatory dress requirements. Although this is a decision that has been well received by parents throughout the enrolment period, here we share with you some of the compelling evidence that supports the implementation of our policy. We think you’ll be as convinced of the benefits as we are...

For decades, educational institutions around the globe have implemented compulsory dress for students. With advantages that are frequently acknowledged, and barely disputed, the uniform phenomenon is today more popular than ever. Empirical and theoretical studies have found that uniforms create a safer, more structured and positive learning environment for students of all ages. This evidence is well documented, and many teachers and parents have their own anecdotes on the benefits, here are some of the key findings that will apply to your child’s experience at Ready Steady Go Kids.

We've seen these findings reflected in our classes as well as within our own children’s educations. Put simply, a uniform policy helps us to achieve our ultimate goal of preparing each preschooler for participation in school and the broader community. We look forward to you and your child enjoying these benefits.

Our t-shirts are available in short- and long-sleeve and are available to purchase via the below links to our store or by calling 0800 690 6591.

RSGK tshirt RSGK long sleeve tshirt

Special introductory price:
£7.95 (inc. P&P)

Long-sleeve T-shirt
Special introductory price:
£9.99 (inc. P&P)

All the best and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Kind regards from all the team at Ready Steady Go Kids.

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