Child protection policy

Policy Statement

Ready Steady Go Kids has a duty of care to safeguard all children involved in our programmes from harm. All children have a right to protection, and the needs of disabled children and others who may be particularly vulnerable must be taken into account. Ready Steady Go Kids will ensure the safety and protection of all children involved in our programmes through adherence to the Child Protection guidelines adopted by Ready Steady Go Kids.

A child is defined as a person under the age of 18 (The Children Act 1989).

Policy aims

The aim of the Ready Steady Go Kids Child Protection Policy is to promote good practice:



The main safeguard in place in the Ready Steady Go Kids programme is that it is a strict requirement that the parents or guardian of the Child attending the group must stay in attendance throughout the class. In addition all classes are run by a minimum of 2 instructors who have been recruited and trained under the following guidelines.


Recruitment and training of staff/coaches

Ready Steady Go Kids recognises that anyone may have the potential to abuse children in some way and that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children. Pre-selection checks must include the following:


Interview and induction

All employees (and volunteers) will be required to undergo an interview carried out to acceptable protocol and recommendations. All employees and volunteers should receive an induction, during which:



In addition to pre-selection checks, the safeguarding process includes training after recruitment to help staff and volunteers to:


Ready Steady Go Kids requires:


Responding to allegations or suspicions

It is not the responsibility of anyone working in Ready Steady Go Kids to decide whether or not child abuse has taken place. However there is a responsibility to act on any concerns by reporting these to the appropriate officer or the appropriate authorities.

Ready Steady Go Kids will assure all staff that it will fully support and protect anyone, who in good faith reports his or her concern that a colleague is, or may be, abusing a child.

Where there is a complaint against a member of staff there may be three types of investigation:


The results of the police and child protection investigation may well influence and inform the disciplinary investigation, but all available information will be used to reach a decision.

We accept:

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